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Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which an advertiser (merchant) pays web site owners, known as publishers (affiliates), to promote advertisers’ products, deals or services. In the case of OPM Pros, we coordinate these placements through a number of 3rd party networks. OPM Pros ensures that the advertiser is receiving appropriate and meaningful placements on a publisher’s site because after all, the affiliate channel relies on a cost per acquisition model. This means that an advertiser will pay publishers for driving consumer sales and leads, not only clicks.

OPM Pros tailors affiliate programs to each client so that the appropriate publishers partner with the right clients. Furthermore, OPM Pros, through the third party networks, manages, tracks, and optimizes the results of the affiliate program on a per client basis. OPM Pros will make the ad creative available to the chosen publishers on the network and the publisher will then display these banners, text links and rich media.

When a visitor takes a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling a form, a commission will then be paid to the publisher.

Paresh and Sonny
When a visitor gets to a publisher’s website and clicks on an advertiser’s creative promotion, the visitor’s browser will receive a cookie. This cookie identifies the advertiser, publisher and ad creative clicked on to determine the commission amount, if any. If this visit results in a purchase or specific action outlined by the advertiser, the transaction is tracked and recorded through the networks and OPM Pros in turn manages the commissions.

A brighter future for your business

Navigating the affiliate marketing space can be an intimidating challenge, even for the most seasoned marketer or entrepreneur. It takes a specific set of skills to make the most of an affiliate program. If done well—and this part is key—it can brighten the future of your business.
That’s where OPM Pros comes in.

The business objective of OPM Pros is to help online retailers capitalize on their affiliate programs. Our team of well-rounded experts focus on clients’ specific needs in order to:

  • Increase their visibility
  • Boost their sales
  • Earn a profitable ROI
  • Grow their brand
  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve their overall business performance

A team of experts

Paresh and SonnyIn September 2009 - Paresh Vadavia, a computer engineering graduate and self-taught affiliate marketing manager and Sonny Lamba, a finance graduate and a seasoned entrepreneur, focused on their goal: create an affiliate management agency that offers creative and effective solutions. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Their innovative approach: Paresh and Sonny’s natural inclination and insatiable desire to build strong and lasting relationships with just about everyone they meet.

Since 2009 OPMpro.com has come a long way. Aside from the Montreal headquarters, it also operates from three US offices (SC, NE and WI), and specializes in affiliate program management across the full range of affiliate networks. Many of OPM Pros' team skilled professionals have been featured and published in a variety of industry publications, and the company boasts a cumulative experience of over 100 years in the industry gives the agency a 360° perspective on the inner workings of the affiliate market. Today, OPMpros.com the affiliate programs for over 75 brands located across the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Every year for OPM Pros continues to mark achievements for distinguished performance in affiliate marketing:


  • Finalist for OPM / Agency of the Year Golden Link Award by Rakuten Marketing

  • Finalist of the CJYou Agency of the Year Award by CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  • Winner of Linkshare’s OPM / Agency of the Year Golden Link Award
  • Finalist of LinkShare’s Publisher’s Choice and Rising Star Golden Link Award for Paula’s Choice
  • Finalist of LinkShare’s Publisher’s Choice Golden Link Award for 1-800Flowers.com
  • Co-founders Sonny Lamba and Paresh Vadavia - Finalists in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards by Ernst & Young in the category of Emerging Entrepreneur, Quebec Region
  • 2013 Finalist of LinkShare’s Publisher’s Choice Golden Link Award for 1-800Flowers.com
  • 2013 Finalist of LinkShare’s OPM/Agency of the Year Golden Link Award
  • 2012 Winner of LinkShare’s Publisher’s Choice Golden Link Award for 1-800Flowers.com
  • 2012 Finalist of LinkShare’s OPM/Agency of the Year Golden Link Award
  • 2012 People’s Choice Award: Favorite Advertiser for Intuit Small Business client at the CJYOU 2012 Awards
  • 2011 Winner of LinkShare’s OPM/Agency of the Year Golden Link Award


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Paresh Vadavia, Co-Founder & CEO

Paresh Vadavia started off his affiliate marketing career in 2006, as Affiliate Manager for Ice.com and Diamond.com. During this two-year stint, he made a name for himself thanks to his hard work, dedication, and networking skills – ultimately winning LinkShare’s Golden Link Publisher’s Choice Award in 2008, and earning a nomination for the same award the following year.

Today, with an agency to call his own, vast industry recognition, and valuable experience under his belt, Paresh has come a long way since earning his Computer Engineering degree from Concordia University. He now serves on the OPM Agency Advisory Boards of top tier-one affiliate networks such as LinkShare, Commission Junction and Google Affiliate Network. He also hosts hot-ticket networking parties several times a year under the branded name PareshConnect.com.

Fun Fact: Mr. P plays a mean game of Monopoly. In fact, he came in 2nd in Quebec’s 2001 Provincial Monopoly Tournament. His favorite pawn is the top hat.

Sonny Lamba, Co-Founder & CFO

With a Finance degree from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, Sonny Lamba makes good business his business. A seasoned entrepreneur, some of his past ventures include i-Con, a video game accessory company he co-founded in 2006 that achieved enough success as to be bought out by a competitor in 2008. He was one of the driving forces to help build sales to over $10 million.

Sonny’s killer business instincts drove him to dip his toes in the realm of online affiliate marketing. He took his first steps in the industry as a publisher of coupon and deal sites before co-founding OPM Pros. His experience, as both a business leader and affiliate marketer, has taken him to great heights.

Fun Fact: Sonny once appeared in a Bollywood music video, which very nearly launched his acting career. But he happily resisted that glamorous life for OPM Pros.

Abdo Mazloum, VP, Search & Display

Abdo has started his career right after graduating with a computer science degree as a web developer at a SEO agency. He learned white hat SEO tricks on his own and applied them to websites that ranked on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. He then joined an eCommerce software company where he worked on world class eCommerce sites such as aldoshoes.com, puma.com, and collegeweeklive.com. He then worked internally at ssense.com for about 4 years successfully managing their SEO and SEM channels. He then worked for about a year at Beyond the Rack managing their display, web analytics, and SEO campaigns. Abdo has over seven years experience in web development, SEO, SEM and analytics. He managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets annually. He is well-versed at providing both a birds-eye perspective, as well as hands-on support, when it comes to SEM/SEO.

Fun fact: Abdo has 13 years experience in Taekwondo – he can walk you to your car if you don’t feel comfortable!

Alexandra Zendran, Account Coordinator

Born and raised in Montreal, Alexandra (Alex) earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Distinction from Concordia University. She gained her first work experience in Sales, where she enjoyed building relationships with her clients. Later on, her creative tendencies pulled her towards a Montreal-based luxury fashion website, where she worked in Customer Care. Alex obtained a keen insight into the world of e-commerce, and became enthralled by the fast pace and dynamic nature of the industry. Alex made the logical next step and found her new home at OPMpros after years of rave reviews from her two sisters (Delaine and Vanessa) who already work for the company. She is excited for this next chapter and welcomes the new challenge!

Fun fact: Delaine is her twin sister, which may confuse you at first, but don’t worry – she won’t get offended if you mix them up. She also has an Artistic Makeup diploma from LaSalle College in Montreal, which her two sisters love capitalizing on.

Bobbie Bryson, Senior Affiliate Manager

Bobbie Bryson has her B.S. degree from Syracuse University to good use in the Public Relations Department at the direct mail merchant Lillian Vernon before she was tapped to join the newly formed Internet group in 1999. After managing their website content, customer emails and customer service aspects of the company's online initiative she launched their affiliate program in early 2002. The rest is history as it grew to become one of the most successful marketing channels in their online strategy.

Bobbie's next challenge was the role of Affiliate Marketing Manager at the UK company, Figleaves.com. Figleaves was already successful overseas, and they were looking for Bobbie to help them build the brand, acquire new customers and broaden their buying demographic in the U.S. market. She took an unknown program, with less than 10 active affiliates in 2004, into their most successful marketing channel in the U.S.. In late 1995 she migrated the program to LinkShare and garnered the International Merchant of the Year Golden Links Award in 2006.

Her desire for sunny shores meant relocation to South Carolina and the opening of her own, successful outsourced program management venture. She's brought the same energy, keen understanding of affiliate marketing, and strong contacts with top performing publisher partners to the role of Senior Affiliate Manager at OPMpros.com.

Fun Fact: Bobbie is an avid antiques collector, and owns more than 200 juice reamer squeezers.

Brian Huynh, Account Coordinator

Brian was born and raised in the beautiful city of Montreal. Graduated from Concordia University's John Molson School of Business with a bachelors in International Business which has led him to work at OPMpros. Outside of the workplace, Brian likes to snowboard, volleyball and billiards. Brian has found a new passion in fishing and invites anyone who is interested to come with him as long as they are okay to go on a boat and won't get seasick.

Fun fact: Brian used to work at Sonny's favorite restaurant. If Sonny knew what Brian did to his dishes before serving it to him, Brian would not be working at OPMpros for long. Just kidding :)

Brian’s team became Finalist at the CPA Billiards Regional Tournament. He’s always open for a night out at a poolhall!

Chaunstin Fung, Director of Operations

With a degree in Economics and Computer Science from Concordia University, and having garnered invaluable online and affiliate marketing experience since entering the field in 2005, Chaunstin Fung is the brains behind OPM Pros’ operations.

Along with Paresh, Chaunstin became known and recognized for his work on the affiliate team at Ice.com and Diamond.com. He played a big part in earning the LinkShare Golden Link Publisher’s Choice Award in 2008, as well as the finalist spot in 2009. These achievements make Chaunstin as an integral member of the OPM Pros team.

Fun Fact: Never once missing the honor roll in high school while thriving as a track and field competitor, Chaunstin is one nerd who could outrun anyone.

Delaine Zendran, Account Manager

Born and raised in Montreal, is a self-taught Jack of all trades with a rich background in direct sales, communication, email marketing, affiliate marketing, experiential marketing, branding, promotion, graphic design and copywriting. Delaine has always tackled new challenges head on and thrives in fast paced, high energy environments. After working for another prominent company in the affiliate marketing space in Montreal for the past two years, while also maintaining a close working relationship with the OPM Pros team, she made the logical jump over to OPM Pros where she plans to bring a creative, innovative, and detail oriented approach to every client’s unique set of needs and objectives.

Fun Fact: Delaine has a twin sister (she’s older by one minute...but who’s counting, right?). She also has a Fashion Design degree from LaSalle College in Montreal.

Diana Gee, Account Coordinator

Diana grew up in her beloved city of Montreal. She graduated from JMSB, Concordia majoring in finance, where she enjoyed learning a great deal about investments and marketing. Due to Diana's experience being part of promotional campaigns and launches as a brand ambassador and her fascination with digital marketing and its evolving trends she really hit the ground running when she joined OPM Pros!

Fun fact: Diana loves trying out new recipes, riding rollercoasters and watching The Simpsons, but not necessarily in that order.

Erica Iapalucci, Partner Liaison Coordinator

Born and raised in Montreal, Erica earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business with a major in marketing. In 2012, Erica decided to take her studies abroad while visiting her motherland: Italy. She was able to discover the beautiful city of Florence while taking a summer course at the same time.

Fun Fact: Erica's favourite sport is Soccer. Up until university, she played competitively with city and provincial teams. She then decided to hang up her jersey and now enjoys spending her Sundays in Little Italy while watching her favourite soccer teams play.

Erin Kerr, Account Manager

A Montreal native, Erin has a strong background in sales and in affiliate marketing. Armed with her solid experience working as a publisher, she thrives on the ever changing environment and fast pace the industry has to offer. Along with her passion for marketing and retail, she brings her drive and keen social skills to OPM Pros.

Fun Fact: Erin is an amateur poker player on the side and loves to talk strategy about the game! She also has a gamer side and can talk your ear off about the latest releases.

Genevieve Shaw, Senior Affiliate Manager

Born and raised in Malaysia, Genevieve graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. She started her career in Affiliate Marketing in 2007 with Omaha Steaks. In her career, she had brought Omaha Steaks affiliate program to Linkshare’s Golden Links finalist for Publisher’s Choice and Most Innovative Advertiser. Genevieve also brings a broad knowledge in other marketing avenues including : Marketplaces, Shopping Comparison & Portals, Retargeting, Social Media, Competitive Intelligence, eCommerce Business Development, new customer acquisition, email marketing, lead generation, broadcast and print media and other marketing channels.

Fun Fact: Genevieve is a reality show junkie. Talk to her about any shows from antique collecting to paranormal, to cake making, to 19 kids.

Jacqueline Palucci, Account Coordinator

Born and raised in Montreal, Jacqueline (Jackie) graduated from Concordia University after earning a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Human Relations. After taking several Marketing classes, as well as being an avid online shopper, Jacqueline’s passion for Marketing had grown, and she decided to apply her academic background and interpersonal skills to the world of affiliate marketing. Jackie loves a dynamic and challenging environment, and is eager to jump into the fast-paced life at OPM Pros. In her spare time, Jackie loves to travel, hit the gym, read, and bake.

Fun fact: Jackie has a bit of a nerdy side, and loves reading/watching anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy (her favorite show is Game of Thrones). She also used to be a cosmetician, and will still do her friends’ makeup for events!

Jessica Antenucci, Account Coordinator

Jessica was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. After obtaining her DEC in Fashion Marketing at Lasalle College she decided to broaden her knowledge on business, as well as team building and interpersonal communication by earning a Bachelor of Arts & Science degree from the Human Relations program at Concordia University. Jessica has a deep passion for marketing because of the creativity and analytics involved. She also loves its continuously evolving nature. On her spare time she loves spending time with loved ones, travelling, doing yoga, reading, running and baking.

Fun fact: Jessica has a secret nerdy side; she absolutely loves reading new technology and business news magazines, such as Forbes.

Joshua Nodell, VP, Business Development

Joshua joins OPM Pros with an extensive background that encompasses many different industries. He graduated from Radford University and began his career in Healthcare then moving to a former client MicroStrategy, as a Sales Executive for a leading provider of Business Intelligence Software.

For nearly 8 years, Joshua was the Director, Account Management while managing a dual role. Not only was he focused on retention of the current customer base, he was also responsible for generating new revenue for the organization. He was a dedicated employee for an Ecommerce Service Provider managing top tiered clients while providing a solution that guaranteed online Transactions for Consumers to enhance user experience, thus translating to higher conversions, revenue and increased repeat buyers.

Fun fact: Joshua’s great uncle Martin Nodell was the original creator of the famous comic character The Green Lantern. He has a huge collection of custom artworks from his uncle at home.

K.alpesh V.adavia, Operations Account Manager and Systems Administrator

Not Available.

Kaitlyn Williams, Account Coordinator

Kaitlyn is born and raised on the South Shore of Montreal. She is a graduate of the John Molson School of Business with a major in marketing and a minor in management. During her university studies, she completed several summer internships that lead her to develop a passion for digital marketing. She also loves reading, traveling and exploring new cultures.

Fun Fact: Kaitlyn was a figure skating coach for over 10 years.

Kathleen Power, Account Manager

Kathleen (Katie) Power’s path to OPM Pros has traversed a good portion of Eastern Canada. Born and raised in Ontario and educated at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Katie distinguished herself at leading firms Research in Motion and Pareto before arriving in Montreal to join OPM Pros.

Fun Fact: Katie danced competitively for 13 years, and can lay claim to being a championship-winning quarterback from her flag football days. She doesn’t, because she’s too modest, so we’re doing it for her.

Kelly Motafferi, Account Coordinator

Kelly was born and raised in Montreal, and earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing at John Molson School of Business. She has experience working in the dynamic and fast paced fields of fashion and online marketing, and is happy to continue on her career path with OPM Pros in the affiliate marketing world. In her spare time, she loves to cook and bake healthy, delicious food!

Fun fact: Kelly figure skated for 14 years and ran a half marathon, but now she does hot yoga classes or works out at home while watching the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres.

Laurence Lagmago, Partner Liaison Coordinator

Born in Cameroon and raised in Canada, Laurence just graduated from Concordia University in Marketing and also became an alumni member of the Zeta Tau Omega Sorority. She worked for Shaw in their technical department before joining OPM pros.

Fun fact: Laurence is your typical vintage hunter; she enjoys spending hours at thrift stores around Montreal!

Lianne Heuvelink, Account Coordinator

Lianne is a Concordia University graduate who earned her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing and minor in International Business. She put herself through school while working at some of the city’s most prestigious hotels, climbing the ranks along the way. Lianne is thrilled to be working at OPMpros in the affiliate marketing space, she thrives in an environment that is constantly in flux and is the type of person who will never stop learning new things.

Fun fact: Lianne is an avid “Roll Up the Rim to Win” fan (a contest frequently ran by the coffee chain Tim Hortons), although she hasn’t won anything but free coffee as of yet, she is confident her luck will change soon and the free car will be hers!

Mariya Rayda, Senior Graphic Designer

Mariya Rayda earned a Fine Arts degree in Design from Concordia University. She has a passion for all things design, whether theory or practical applications, and she is adept at channeling that passion into the work that she does at OPM Pros.

Fun Fact: Mariya is a proud gamer girl, prolific in action RPGs (role-playing games) such as the Mass Effect series, Diablo, and the Witcher series.

Mackenzie Clayton, Account Coordinator

Originally from Edmonton, Mackenzie pursued university studies in Halifax, Sackville, NB and, most recently, Montreal, where she completed a Master of Library and Information Studies degree at McGill. During this time she developed her critical and analytic nature as well as a passion for digital culture, media and technology, which inspires the work she does at OPM Pros.

Fun Fact: At the risk of feeding a stereotype, Mackenzie loves all things books – reading them, classifying and cataloguing them, and even hand-binding them. She also has an ever-growing vinyl collection and is an aspiring watercolourist.

Mark Doubson, Senior Software Developer

Mark has Ph.D. degree in Math and Economics. For 25 years he had worked in one of the best institutions of academy of Sciences of USSR - Central Economics & Mathematics Institute. He had written many papers and took part in many international and soviet scientific conferences and symposiums in applied math and economics areas.

Mark left Russia for Canada in 1994. Here, he took part in few interesting projects in biomedical R&D and software development areas.

Classical music, travelling, biking and skating are some of Mark’s hobbies. He also enjoys classical and art-house movies and good books.

Fun Fact: At some point in his career Mark had been working in a kings’ summer palace (under Vienna) as part of an international team working on project Acid Rains.

Mary Jugmohur, Office Receptionist

Mary was born in a paradise island – Mauritius. She has a Diploma in Tourism Management and has spent 7 years in a Management Company as Receptionist / Secretary.

Fun Fact: When Mary is not busy answering the phone or doing admin tasks, she is always out for shopping specially for high heel shoes. :P Also, she was a member of an Indian Dance Group for 5 years.

Matthieu Ferlatte, Affiliate Operations Manager

Matt Ferlatte earned his Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Management Information Systems with a minor in e-Business. He’s a versatile people-person who loves to strive to accomplish his goals. He spent several years working in the electronics industry and the retail/food field. He now hopes to bring his experiences and knowledge to help grow the OPMpros team.

Fun fact: Even though he stands tall at 6’7”, Matt suffers from a fear of heights that he’s never been able to surpass. He’s also colorblind so don’t poke fun at him for wearing mismatched socks.

Michelle Stappert, Senior Affiliate Manager

Michelle earned degrees in Criminal Justice and Business Administration from University of Wisconsin – Platteville. She also went on to earn her Master’s degree from the University of Dubuque. Michelle started in the affiliate industry at Lands’ End where she managed the affiliate program for two years. In 2006 Michelle left Lands’ End to go to the publisher side of the industry until joining OPMpros in 2014.

Fun fact: Michelle loves music and attends dozens of concerts a year and has met many of her favorite bands. Michelle is also somewhat of a shoe collector….close friends call her Imelda.

Nick MacIssac, Account Coordinator

As a new graduate from Dawson College’s Business Management Marketing program, Nick joined the OPMPros team with a seasoned background in sales, having gained ample experience in the retail, services and wholesale sectors – all before the age of 20.

Fun Fact: Always looking for fun challenges, Nick once accepted a dare to eat 45 Tacos all in one sitting… And somehow managed to stomach it.

Nita Patel, Senior Affiliate Manager

Nita earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University, with a Marketing Major and Minor in International Business. She has worked in the affiliate space since 2005, when she joined the team at Ice.com, ultimately finding her way to OPM Pros.

Fun Fact: Nita has a passion for photography and a knack for successfully working with the most difficult of subjects – babies.

Paul Kasner,  Affiliate Operations Coordinator

Paul Kasner is a graduate from Concordia University, earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing, and a minor in English Literature. He has a diverse background, working in the health and commercial real-estate industries, prior to joining the OPM Pros team.

Fun fact: An avid fan of music and comedy, Paul plays several instruments including guitar, piano, and voice, and is well versed in stand-up comedy.

Sothina Nou, Account Coordinator

Born and raised in Paris, France, Sothina has graduated from London South Bank University in England where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. After her graduation she went to Barcelona, Spain to complete an internship that she really enjoyed and had the chance to improve her Spanish. She is a food lover but also loves reading, jogging, yoga, watching movies, series and of course traveling. Her home is now Montreal, the city she’s in love with because of it’s rich multicultural scene. She used to work for very well-known hotel and automobile brands where she developed web content and handled online customer service.

Fun fact: Her parents are Cambodian so naturally she speaks Cambodian (Khmer), but with a French accent! So when she went to visit Cambodia, people were confused with her accent but they still understood each other and had lots of laughs.

Vanessa Zendran, Account Coordinator

Born and raised in Montreal, Vanessa graduated from John Molson School of Business, earning herself a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Accountancy. After graduation, she began working in the accounting industry as a junior accountant where she gained a valuable worth ethic, strong organizational skills and a high attention to detail. Outside of work, Vanessa loves enjoying the outdoors. She has already completed a half marathon in Ottawa and hopes to build up to a full marathon one day.

Fun fact: Vanessa is a huge Nicholas Spark’s fan (Author of “The Notebook”)! She actually got to meet him face to face at a literary convention in Greenville, North Carolina. Definitely can tick that off her bucket list!

We find ourselves continuously hiring additional, outstanding talent to help support the ongoing acquisition of important new clients.

Affiliate marketing is all about partnerships: how well you do depends largely on whom you know. With OPM Pros, you get VIP access into the affiliate marketing space without having to network your way to the top.

OPM Pros are active participants on the LinkShare OPM Advisory Board, they continually develop strategic partnerships with advertisers and affiliates, they attend major ecommerce and affiliate conferences to seek new opportunities and maintain relationships, they are connected to well respected affiliate managers and members of major affiliate networks, and they organize networking events that allow advertisers and affiliates to exchange in a congenial environment.

OPM Pros have extensive experience managing an array of affiliate programs in many different verticals, and the relationships they have built are a key to their—and their clients’—success.

Awards and Nominations

Finalist for OPM / Agency of the Year Golden Link Award by Rakuten Marketing

Fresh off their move into a new 8,000 square-foot office, OPM Pros has been named Finalist by Rakuten Marketing in the category of OPM / Agency Of The Year. It's the sixth straight year the company has been recognized at the Golden Links. The Golden Links Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in performance marketing.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Paresh Vadavia and Sonny Lamba nominated as a 2014 Québec finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year in the category of Emerging Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates the contribution and spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere. The Canadian program is in its 21st year of honouring the country’s most impressive entrepreneurs from all areas of business. Award finalists are chosen based on their vision, leadership, financial success and social responsibility.

OPM Pros is 2014 Winner of the Golden Link Award for OPM Agency of the Year

See the video of OPM Pros receiving award here.

OPM Pros clients 1800flowers.com and Paula’s Choice were the 2014 finalists of LinkShare’s Golden Link Publisher’s Choice Award.

In addition, Paula’s Choice was also a finalist of LinkShare’s Rising Star Advertiser Award.

2013 OPM Pros client 1800flowers.com was also the 2013 finalist of LinkShare’s Golden Link Publisher’s Choice Award

The Publisher's Choice Award is bestowed on the advertiser with the most number of votes from the LinkShare publisher community. This is a publishers' chance to tell us which advertiser has fostered strong partner relations and demonstrated compelling program initiatives.

OPM Pros was a 2013 finalist for the Golden Link Award for OPM Agency of the Year

This award is for the “OPM or Agency that does an outstanding job managing your Affiliate Marketing program in the LinkShareNetwork.”

CJYOU 2012 Awards - People’s Choice Award, Favorite Advertiser for Intuit Small Business
(Managed by OPMpros.com)

The People's Choice Award is bestowed on the advertiser with the most number of votes from the Commission Junction publisher community.

This is a publishers' chance to tell us which advertiser has fostered strong partner relations and demonstrated compelling program initiatives.

2012 LinkShare Golden Link Award Winner – Publisher’s Choice 1800flowers.com

(From left to right) Katie Power, Kunal Vohra, Sonny Lamba, Paresh Vadavia, Justin Pesola, Kerri Pastor, Michael Rubano, Cosmin Jelea, Delaine Zendran, Eleanor Salinas & Elana Ostrega

2012 LinkShare Finalist for OPM / Agency of the Year Award

LinkShare Golden Award 2010
(From left to right) Paresh Vadavia, Kunal Vohra, Delaine Zendran, Sonny Lamba, Natalie Filion, Michael Rubano & Eleanor Salinas – OPM Pros DealMaker Table LinkShare Symposium East 2012
LinkShare Golden Award 2010
(From left to right) Michael Rubano Amanda Taylor, Kerri Pastor & Justin Pesola

2011 LinkShare Golden Link Award Winner - OPM / Agency of the Year

2010 LinkShare Finalist For OPM / Agency of the Year Award

LinkShare Golden Award 2010
(From left to right) Paresh Vadavia, Kunal Vohra, Sonny Lamba & Chaunstin Fung — OPM Pros DealMaker Table LinkShare Symposium East
LinkShare Golden Award 2010
Paresh Vadavia with Mark Huang, Affiliate Manager of Macy’s — Golden Link Winner for Innovative Advertiser of the Year